Are you in one of my clubs?

OrganizerAre you in  one of my clubs? This is the project that my club members made this month. We made a holiday organizer out of a manila folder and the Dashing designer paper available in the the Stampin’ Up!  Fall/Winter Collection catalog.

I have seen similar ideas in several places on the web. I looked at the ideas and came up with this version. IOrganizer2 hope the club members really like the organizer and can think of ways to recreate this idea for different purposes. One idea we came up with last night was to make an organizer for travel expenses. I don’t travel often, but when I do I think I will have to make one of these for my trip.

I try to come up with different things for my clubs. Projects that I would never Organizer3do at a workshop and something that will teach my members something new and of course we want to have fun. The great thing about club night is that people can come from all over the Copper Country and we move around so that someone different is doing the traveling each month. Some of my members have come from Hancock, Calumet, Dollar Bay, Houghton, Atlantic Mine, and South Range.

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