Stampin’ Up! Workshop Postcard

PostcardDid you know that it is National Postcard week?

When and how do you use postcards? One reason I like postcards is because you can send them for only 28 cents. I loved sending postcards to my friends when we went on vacation. I was fortunate that my parents loved to travel and I had many opportunities to send postcards. 

Now my favorite use of postcards is to invite guests to Stampin' Up! workshops. When you host a workshop with me, I will send out the cards for you so that you do not even need the 28 cents per card!

In addition to the traditional workshops, I do long distance workshops. A long distance workshop is easy for you and you still get a make and take. I am setting one up right now for one of my customers.

Contact Me for more information or to book your workshop today.

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