I purchased a drawer organizer yesterday and sorted through my ribbon drawer!

ribbon drawerEvery other month I have to drive 2 hours to bring my son to the orthodontist. (We don't have one nearer.) It has its negatives, but the great thing is that I get to go to larger stores like Kohls and Target. I know I live in a very small town! Yesterday was the day to make a orthodontist trip and I found these great drawer organizers. I like them because I like to take out the entire roll of ribbon when I use ribbon. 

It was so much fun organizing my ribbon that I moved on to my desk. By the way, I know I have too much ribbon, but I just love it! The bottles to the right hold scraps of ribbon too small to be on the roll. The big white ball is crochet thread. If you look through my samples you will see that I love crochet thread for my buttons. Maybe it is the sun outside, but I am really motivated to organize some more of my stamping space.

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  1. Christine, I must have one of these organizers! Or maybe two. 🙂 Did you find yours at Kohl’s or Target and in what area of the store? Thanks so much –

  2. I found them at Target in the area where they have Sterelite plastic items. They are kind of by the laundry area and where they have other plastic baskets and stuff.

    So far I still really like them.

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