Presto Patterns Paper and Smooch Spritz is an interesting mix!

Smooch Spritz Presto PatternsI was going for a vintage look and thought that I would try mix Smooch Spritz and Presto Patterns paper. I found out that there is quite a difference between wiping the surface off right after spritzing and wiping the surface after letting it dry for a bit. 
  Wiped-right-away Dry-then-wipe












The great thing about this rubber stamping technique is that you can choose whichever look you prefer. Be sure to use a Color Catcher or some kind of spray booth to catch the overspray from the Smooch Spritz.

The Presto Patterns pape r is so versitile! you can spritz it with the Smooch Spritz, sponge it with ink, brayer it with ink, watercolo r over it and more. It is like having part of the emboss resist technique done for you!

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