Been thinking about end of the year Teacher gifts! I think treats go over well.

I was thinking about a few different things for teacher gifts and when this came to me my thought was "I know what I am gonna do." It immediately hit me that I must hear too many Phineas and Fe handmade Teacher Gift rb episodes. If you or your kids don't watch that cartoon, the main character says a line similar that that at some point in each episode. So on to my project. 

We love one of the treat mixes from Target and they come in these containers. I think they are too nice to throw away so I keep them for a rainy day or another purpose. I have redecorated them and will fill them with some homemade Caramel Corn. See this post for the recipe.

I used the Celebrations Designer Series Paper and My Digital Studio to create the Teacher Treats jar.I printed the label.

Directions to embellish jar:

Trace the lid on the DSP

 For my lid I cut out a 6 3/4" circle. Traced the lid circumference on the backside and in the center of the circle. You should make your circle the diameter of the lid plus 2X the side.



Cover-glued-to-lid Glue the lid to the center backside of the Designer Paper. I used Mod Podge.




Lid-with-cuts Cut from the outer edge of the circle into drawn line. (Or where the lid is glued to the paper. I made cuts around the entire circle about 1/4" apart.

Apply Mod Podge to the cut paper and wrap the pieces around the edges and over to the inside of the lid. Apply the Mod Podge in sections so it does not dry out too early.



Wrap the cut pieces around the entire lid. I did apply Mod Podge over the topside of the lid to protect it.



  Covered-lid Finish the jar by applying Mod Podge to a 1 1/4" strip of paper and affix to the center of the jar. Apply Mod Podge to the back of the label and apply to the front of the jar.

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