It’s a Summer Day Post! Sweet Details.

I Cole know it has been a bit more quiet on here lately, but I have still been busy. I am still adjusting to the school's out schedule. The weather has become nice and have 5 kids plus friends around has made it much busier!! This was one of yesterday's activities.

 I thought for sure that Cole would be too scared to go through the water sprayer hooked up to the hose, but after a few minutes he was running through it like a pro. I am so glad that the weather has cooperated for water activities. My Digital Studio photobook

I finally finished a book and actually got it ordered! I absolutely love it!!! This book is  done with the Sweet Details photobook download and it made it so easy to finish a complete book. The best thing about this book about our visit to grandma's house is that with a couple clicks of the keys, I had a duplicate that I printed for my monther-in-law.

ISweet Details Digital book cover love digital scrapbooking! We now have the My Digital Express(item 124483) that you can download and start scrapbooking today! The Sweet Deails photobook is included with the Digital Express download.

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