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Ok, I have to say right off that I cannot believe it has been 4 days since I have posted, but I have to believe the calendar in Typepad (my blog host). I had every intention of getting back on track after vacation and posting yesterday, but life got in the way.

I don't post a lot of my personal life, but yesterday was a bit different for me. Don't feel bad if you just look at the card and move on because I am writing a bit more today. creative elements stampin up
Yesterday morning I woke up at about 8:00 and it smelled like something had been spilled on the burner while it was heating. I came out to check and found the oven hot and the top element bright orange. I was a bit surprised my husband would turn on the oven because it has been running about 90 degrees with high humidity and we do not have air conditioning. When I tried to turn off the oven it would not go off. I ended up having to pull it out and unplugging it to turn the element off. I found out that something must have gone wrong with the electronic board in the oven and told the oven to heat up.

Needless to say, I was a bit shaken and really did not get much work done yesterday. I have learned since that turning off the breaker off before unplugging the oven would have been safer. I am so thankful this did not happen the other week while we were on vacation. I think I will be turning the power off to my oven when we leave from now on!!

Hopefully life will stay calm and I can get back to work. I have so many new stamps sitting here waiting to be inked!

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