An OTD card with Turtle & Co.

I'm calling today's card an "OTD" card or an "Out The Door" Card. I'm sure you have been there before! You are on the way to a party and you need a card. I have hundreds, and that is not an exaggeration, of cards, but it appears I do not make very many cards for kids. We had a party for my nephew today and I realized that I needed a card. The Ronald McDonald House Turtle & Co. Set worked perfect.

Turtle & Co. Stampin' Up! Turtle & Co. Stampin' Up!













Turtle & Co. is the very cute stamp set that benefits the wonderful Ronald McDonald House charities. It is an amazing charity that helps so many in need. For every set sold, Stampin' Up! will donate $3 to the Ronald McDonald House.

Shop now buttonClick Here  or on an image to purchase Stampin' Up! products. I can ship anywhere in the United States. You can also call me at (906)296-3201 or email me your order.

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