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Did you know that I have a special newsletter for Die Cutting? Each week you receive an email with an Exclusive Project using a die cutting machine and some of the accessories. Some of the projects are easier and some are more involved. Each project includes different ways to use your Die Cutting machine.


  • Receive an awesome exclusive project in your email in-box each week.
  • Receive a Video showing how to make each project.
  • Receive a Printable PDF with complete instructions for each project.
  • I am available for any additional Help you may need.
  • Receive a FREE month of projects when you purchase your Big Shot from me.

 Click Here to go to the Creative and Crafting Information Page.

Purchase Now: (I will sign you up for the letter if you have purchased your Big Shot from me!)

*This is a recurring charge and will be charged every month you are an acctive member. Excluding the free period with the purchase of the Big Shot machine. You will not automatically be transferred to the paid subscription, but will have to choose to continue with the paid subscription.

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