St. Patrick’s Day Decor That You Can Make Today!

Lucky Me Printable St. Patrick's Day Frame

Isn’t this so cool? Printables and framed digital prints are becoming so popular and this one was so quick and easy. Once I had the idea it was done in no time at all.

I was browsing the web for St. Patrick’s day ideas and came across the picture below on the Flamingo Toes site and I decided to use it as an inspiration piece for a printable from My Digital Studio.

I placed my images, printed it on photo paper and framed it. I cannot believe how quickly it came together.

The greatest thing is that you can make this printable without leaving your home. If you have photo paper or card stock that is! I have made a video showing you how to put together this printable.

St patrick's day

You can use the Lucky Me digital image with My Digital Studio or other Photo Editing Software.


I hope that you enjoyed this project and have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

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