Triangles From Squares

Bright Blossoms with TrianglesI ran across an article the other day talking about the fun new trend of triangles in handmade cards. I realized that it is so easy to make triangles from squares. Over the last few days I have thought of many uses for square punches.

To make this card I punched out 1 3/8" squares and cut them in half. Yes, you can make a square very easily with a cutter, but sometimes it is so much easier to have a punch. For example, what if you want a certain part of a design for your square? Well, a square punch makes it much easier to get that section.

I have two more specific fun uses for square punches I can't wait to share with you. I am going to share my favorite one and a big trend in my newsletter going out on Wednesday. If you want to receive that newsletter with my Bigstock_Freenewsletterred_3791975project using a square punch exclusive to my FREE newsletter, be sure to sign up either in the right column or in the form below. I will also be sending out the discontinued accessories list on Wednesday.

Did you see the Summer Smooches Special products used in my card up above? I started this card from the sketch over at Two Peas In A Bucket.


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