Digital Scrapbooking Disney With My Digital Studio Swatchbook

I am so excited to be scrapbooking our trip to Disney World. I am making a smaller book called a swatchbook in My Digital Studio for each of my kids. Each child's swatchbook features his or her pictures at Disney.

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Digital Scrapbook of Disney Digital Scrapbooking of Ben

Digital Scrapbooking of Disney Digital Scrapbooking of Disney

Digital Scrapbooking of Disney Digital Scrapbooking of Disney

Here are just a few of the pages from my son Ben's Swatchbook. The kids are having a great time looking at the book as it is put together. I am using the Life Celebrated Swatchbook Template because it makes putting the books together much quicker. I can copy his book and make changes so I can make each book custom for each child. By copying the book it will make scrapbooking the pictures so much quicker.

I am having a great time just looking through the pictures again as I am pulling the book together. I can't way to get the printed product back from Stampin' Up! The book will have a hard plastic cover and back. It is going to be such a great memory for the kids of our trip to Disney World with Stampin' Up!

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