Easy Lanterns From Designer Series Paper, Crafts For Kids

Crafts For KidsToday's kids craft is an easy lantern that will make any party Lanterns from paperfestive. These are s o easy that the even younger children can make them with some help. All you need is Designer Series Paper and some regular card stock.You can adjust the size of the lantern by changing the size of card stock and paper.

The larger lantern started with a 12" X 11" and the smaller one was 9" X 12". My inside card stock was slightly shorter so when I stapled the outside to the inside card stock the center would stick out a bit. I used a 1" X 12" piece of card stock or paper for the handle.

Designer Paper laternsFold your paper in half so the it is folded along the 12" edge. Cut in along the folded edge, leaving about 1" not cut. Repeat the cuts about an inch apart along the folded edge. Unfold your paper and form a cylinder. Staple the top and bottom ends. Form a cylinder with your plain card stock and place inside the cut paper. Staple the top and bottom to the plain card stock. Finish up your lantern by stapling the handle to the top if desired.

You can always add decorations and embellish your lanterns to match your party. It would be so much fun for the kids to express his/her creativity and make each lantern their own. I think it is so great how kids are not inhibited when they create.


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