Where Have I Been? Making a Dress From the Late 1800s

Kaleigh-1800s-dayAlert! This post is not directly about rubber stamping, but explains why the posts have been a bit slower around here and what I have been up to. Here is a glimpse into the Miller house the last few days.

We have a historical one room school house in a park near the school my children attend. At the end of 6th grade all the kids dress up like the late 1800s or early 1900s and spend the day at the Historical School Room. My daughter really wanted a dress that would look like the time period so we set out to make one.

She made the apron and then just due to time constraints, I ended up taking over on the dress and bonnet. She did help by cutting out all of the pieces. The kids really enjoy the day and it is so much fun to go past the school and see all the kids in dress playing out in the schoolyard.

So, in the mix my seven year old got sick and I was sewing a dress and cleaning up after him. I found out that only 5 students from my son's class attended school today. So, obviously something is going through the classroom. So you can see my business had to take a little break for a couple of days. Managing your own working time is one of the benefits of owning your own business.  1800s school dress costume

I will be back for the next few days with brand new samples and new techniques to me because I have some super fun new products to play with!! I am off to stamp so I can share with you!

Have a Great Day. If you have any questions about rubber stamping, any at all, feel free to email me and maybe I can feature your question on my blog!


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  1. Sandra Kent

    Good choice of priorities Chris. Love the dress. I bet Kaleigh loves it!!

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