Did You Know It Makes A Difference? How You Order Your Products.

Yes, it does make a big difference how you order your Stampin' Up! products online and I planned this post for Thursday morning and then my refrigerator decided to Refrigeratorchange my day.

It is kind of critical when your refrigerator/freezer quits cooling you need to attend to it right away! So I have emptied it all out and this is one time that I am thankful for living in a cold climate. All of the refrigerator items are in coolers outside and I was able to fit all of the freezer items in our extra freezer. Well I guess it needed a good cleaning anyway and I just hope it is fixed soon.

So back to the ordering. To get the best price and the hostess rewards when you order online you want to be sure to order through my online store. All you need to do is use the Shop Now/Shopping Cart blinking icon in my Shopping cartupper right corner (or any links I provide) and you will go right there. This will assure that you get the preferred price and if you place an order of $150 or more you will receive hostess rewards.

While I appreciate every one of you that order through the main Stampin' Up! site and choose me as your demonstrator, ordering this way will not get you the Stampin' hostess rewards for a $150 or more order. You will still get the preferred price, but you will not be offered the free product for an order of $150 or more.

This seems like a really small difference, but it may mean the difference of receiving your free product. I know it may also be confusing so be sure to contact me with any questions.

   Shop now buttonClick Here or on an image to purchase Stampin' Up! products. I can ship anywhere in the United States. You can also call me at (906)370-3201 or email me your order.

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