Are You Looking For A Digital Kid’s Class Valentine?

Are you looking for a fun Valentine for your kids to share at school? Use this digital bookmark template and personalize the backside for Valentine's Day.

Book Buddies Digital Template

Here is how I personalized the back with the Officially Awesome Valentines from My Digital Studio. I added my son's name so he does not have to sign them. I know it is making it too easy for him, but it was so simple to do with MDS2

Offically Awesome Digital Valentine MDSTo finish them off, I printed them through my home printer by manually printing them two sided. It was easy to get them to line up because I just inserted an additional page and then changed to images inside the rectangles so they were in the exact spot on the back.

Class Valentine Idea

The next part is completely up to you! Do you add candy or not? I know some people are looking for a way to give out Valentines without adding candy, but I don't think I will get that past my son. He has gotten used to the idea that I make the Valentine's digitally, but we are not ready to forgo the candy yet.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about how I made these bookmark Valentines! You can also use these downloads with other digital programs.

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