My Digital Studio Makes Kid’s Valentine’s Day Cards Easy!

I love the My Digital Studio download release days. In fact, I always check them right away on Tuesday mornings when they are released. I knew I wanted to use today's Officially Awesome Valentines download for my kids' Valentines as soon as I saw it.  Officially Awesome Valentines My Digital Studio

You know what is great? I was able to download it and work with it immediately with no shipping cost. I downloaded, installed the images, played with them a little bit and by 10:00 the Valentine's Day cards are done. Now that is easy!

You can download these images and use them with other programs besides My Digital Studio. All you have to do is choose download for other program when you are downloading the images. Below is the front and back of my 8 1/2" X 11" print outs from my computer. I manually printed them front and back, cut into quarters and I had four different Valentine's Day cards. I included my son's name, but that is up to you.

  Official Valentine Print Front Offical Valentine Back Print out 








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Offically Auesome Valentines Designer Template 

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