Flat Mailable Flower Shop Card

Last night on Facebook I asked if people avoid using “thick” cards for mailing purposes and the responses were very interesting. Many of the reasons for avoiding “bulky” cards are reasons that have gone through my mind. I thought about those comments as I made this Flower Shop Card with the Candy Dots card.

Flat Mailable Card

You can use embellishments like Rhinestone Jewels, Pearl jewels and the Candy Dots and still mail your cards with one stamp. These embellishments add some dimension, but if you place a piece of card stock over the front of the card before you drop it in the mail it should be ok. (As long as it is under 1 ounce.) You may want to check with your post offices because they do vary on what is acceptable. The card stock over the jewels kind of flattens out the front of the card so it can go through the Postal Service machines.

Place card stock over front of card

The lace on this card is done with Viola’s Lace wheel so it is actually ink and does not add any bulk. I have converted my wheel to a stamp. You can see how to do this here.

You can find the Candy Dots in my Online Store.

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  1. You also can flip the card so the inside is covering the outside; sometimes works too. (Depends on your “postmistress” 😉

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