Q & A How Do I Line Up My Flower Shop Set?

Question: How do I line up my Flower Shop images with the punch?

Answer: Each of the petals in the Flower Shop set are similar, but just a bit different so it does make it difficult to line them up with the punch. To solve this issue I made marks with a permanent marker on the sticker side of the of the rubber image. If you have the wood block set, just make sure you mount so the pointed out petals (see picture) are at the top.

Flower Shop marked

I have marked all of the images with these little marks and just make sure the marks are at the top and tilted to the left. To find out the correct petals to mark, I stamped the images and then turned the stamped image until it fit properly into the punch.

Line up the flower shop images

As long as you stamp with the marked petals to the top, the image should line up with just minor turns to the paper. This will make punching out the flowers from the Flower Shop set much easier.

Line up the Flower Shop images

I love how the set includes several flowers and it is easy (with this tip) to punch out and use them on cards because I do not like cutting out images.

Flower Shop greeting cardI used these colors for a card in my class last night and decided I liked it so much that I would use them again. It is such a bright and cheery card that I can’t wait to send it off. This card is based on a layout from Jenni Pauli.

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