Question: What Size Acrylic Block

Question: What size acrylic block should I use to mount my cling mount stamps?

 Tighter Fitting Block

Answer: Choosing the correct size acrylic block for you cling mount stamps can depend some on your personal preference.

You can start by measuring your stamp image and looking at the block sizes. To help you see the block sizes I have uploaded a printable chart with the actual size of the blocks. Print these two pages on a transparency or other “see through” material and then you can use them to size up the block you need. The stamp images in the Stampin’ Up! catalog are actual size unless noted so all you have to do is hold them over the desired image to see if the block will fit. 

Download The Clear Block Tutorial Here

If you have to choose between two sizes, you may want to go bigger. I prefer my stamps to have a little more room around them when I stamp because it makes it much easier to see where I am stamping.

The block shown above would fit just fine, but is a tighter fit than I like. I would choose the slightly larger block like the one shown below.

Block with more room

You will not want to miss my tips for using clear blocks with  your cling mount stamps I have previously published. Click on the link here to see more tips.

Clear Block Tips

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