Arrgh! Technology! At Least The Crystal Effects Is Better!

Well it has been a week! Tuesday I was not able to access my email until late in the day and yesterday my video host was down. That left me scrambling today to get the finishing touches on my Online Extra Instructions page. I love technology and use it a lot for my business, but when things go wrong it is a major pain.  Thinking about these issue made me think of a the changes to the Crystal Effects bottle and how good that change is for the user. I know, it doesn’t seem that connected, but I guess that is just how my mind works.I used Crystal Effects to cover these ornaments with Silver glitter and didn’t they turn out beautiful. I love them in real life and know I will make some more of them.

Silver Glitter Ornaments

I started with a 3″ paper mache ornament and covered it with Crystal Effects. Then I sprinkled the silver glitter over the entire ornament and let them dry. When they were dry I make the Merry Christmas tag and tied it on with some silver cord (retired). Easy and beautiful!

Christmas Glitter Star

Stampin’ Up! has changed the cap and the nozzle on the Crystal Effects bottle and it is wonderful. I have been using it a bit lately and I have not once had to use the paper clip to unclog the top. Try out the Crystal Effects and you will love it.

Crystal Effects

You can find the glitter and Crystal Effects in my Online Store. Have a great day and I hope enjoy the new bottle.

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