Little Love Notes

Wouldn’t it be fun to give these little heart envelope Valentine’s Day notes to someone? I know I will give them to my kids. I wonder if my 15 (almost 16) year old son would appreciate it.

Folded Heart Notes for Valentine's Day

Start with a heart and a smaller copy paper heart. The smaller heart should be cut from copy paper or other patterned paper so it does not get too bulky. My larger heart measures 5 1/4″ X 4 3/4″. Score as pictured in the image below.

Valentine's Day Love Note

  • Fold in the sides.
  • The top of the heart is folded in and becomes the bottom of the envelope.
  • Fold down the point and tuck under banner
  • Cut a banner and use mini-glue dots on each end of the banner and position so the point can tuck under the banner.
  • Punch a small heart and glue to the center of the banner. Stamping a heart in the center of the punched heart is optional.

I included my measurements, but you could also just free hand your heart and just fold the sides in and go from there. This would also be fun to do with kids.

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Here are the supplies I used:

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