What About Those New Inkpads?

What kind of stamped image do you get? Is it even and have deep color? The new Stampin’ Up! inks have been out for 2 months now and I have to say I love the look you can achieve with the pads.

As with most new products, you may have to change some of the old ways of doing things. The biggest change is you need a “light touch” when inking your stamp. The new foam is softer than the old felt pads so heavy pressure with your stamp will press deeper into your pad. The new pads are also so juicy wet, that is why you get such a nice image, and pressing hard on the pad will get too much ink on your stamp.  You will over-ink the edges and risk stamping lines around the image when you stamp. You don’t want this, so remember…..A Light Touch!

Ok, so you are placing more ink on your paper and getting images, but what does that mean for your ink pads. It means that your pad is releasing more ink and you may be using more ink. You will have to re-ink these pads more often. It’s better to have great images the first time, right? So you may want to think about ordering the re-inker when you order the ink pad.

When the pads come Stampin’ Up! wants to make sure your have well-inked pads so they come well saturated. If there is too much ink for you, take a paper towel and pull some of the ink off the pad. That should help control some of the ink.

How Do You Store Ink PadsA few features and techniques with the new pad are actually the same. You should still store your pads horizontally so the ink does not run out the side. This is especially true now because the new pads release the ink so much better.

You can also still press the firm foam portion into the pad cover to make a pool of ink. You can then use this ink with an Aquapainter or wet paintbrush to color your images.

You still want to store the foam portion of the pad upside down. This is really easy to do with the Stampin’ Up! pads because SU! designed the pads so the ink is upside down when the pad is right side up. I hope that makes sense! So all you have to do is store your pads horizontally with the printing at the top and your pads should have a long life.

Please contact me with any questions. I want to make sure you enjoy your new Stampin’ Up! ink pads.